Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Microscope Moonstone

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS is a stylish and modern biological microscope. For school and colleges, as well as for amateur biologists doing their own research. Magnification: 64–1280x. Double LED illumination. Metal body. Carry case and experiment kit included. Moonstone grey in colour. Levenhuk item 69076.
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Levenhuk Rainbow series: original beginner-level microscopes with quality optics and an experiment kit supplied with each model. Thanks to the experiment kit, first steps in discovering the microworld will be frustration-free and exciting. These microscopes with all their features can not only be used by children of middle- and high-school age, but also by university students and adults interested in studying biology and the microcosm. Levenhuk Rainbow series includes models with magnifications from 400x up to 1280x. They come in  bright, attractive colours – choosing your perfect microscope has never been easier. The original design of the series is supported by stylish brand packaging.

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Microscope would make a wonderful gift for an inquisitive teenager, biology student or laboratory technician. The maximum magnification power of this instrument is 1280x – just enough to see all the tiniest details of observed microscope samples. The model features a reliable, robust metal body. Rainbow 50L PLUS can be used as an instrument at home, as well as for laboratory work in schools and universities.

Three objectives allow you to obtain 64x, 160x, and 640x magnification. 40xs objective lens has a special spring-loaded mechanism. While focusing, you may accidentally touch the observed sample with the objective lens. But the spring-loaded lens will retract a little, preventing any possible damage. The kit also includes 2x Barlow lens, which doubles the magnification of any given objective lens. The basic kit allows you to achieve 1280x magnification power.

The lenses are made of high-quality optical glass coated with special anti-reflective coating. The produced images will always be sharp, contrast, and crystal-clear.

The microscope is equipped with two bright LED illumination sources. To observe transparent samples such as thin plant cuts or tiny crustaceans, use lower illumination. Upper illumination is used for opaque objects – paper fiber, coins, and many other interesting things. Semi-transparent objects are better seen when you use both upper and lower illumination. The adjustable brightness allows you to choose the optimal amount of light for each sample.

The microscope is distinguished by its modern ergonomic design. The reliable metal body of the microscope ensures its long service life. The 45° inclined monocular head allows for the most convenient observing position and prevents fatigue, even after long hours of work. Moreover, the head rotates 360° around its axis, which is really convenient for group work. Illumination can be powered by AC power, as well as by batteries in case you want to do your research outside.

The microscope is great for experienced users as well as for complete beginners. Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit (included) will help them make their first experiments and learn a whole bunch of new things about the microworld.

The robust plastic case provides safe and convenient transportation of the microscope and all the accessories included in the package.

* Biological microscope with 64-1280x magnification
* 2x Barlow lens included
* Available in five bright colours – this model is Moonstone grey
* Sturdy and durable body made of metal
* Upper and lower LED illumination systems
* Experiment kit included
* Comes with a handy plastic case

The kit includes: Rainbow 50L PLUS Microscope (Moonstone), 4x 10x and 40x Objectives, WF16x Eyepiece, 2x Barlow Lens, Stage with Clips, Diaphragm Disk, Condenser, Built-in Upper and Lower LED Illuminations, AC adapter, 2x AA Batteries, Plastic Case, Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit, User Manual  

Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit includes: "Attractive Microscope. Scrutinizing the Microcosm" User Guide, Forceps, Hatchery for Artemia (Brine Shrimp, or Sea-monkeys), Microtome, Flask with Yeast, Flask with Pitch, Flask with Sea Salt, Flask with Brine Shrimp, 5 Ready-to-use Specimens, 5 Blank Slides, Dropper, Dust cover

Type: biological, light/optical
Nozzle: 360° rotatable
Magnification: 64 – 1280x
Eyepieces: WF16x
Objectives: achromatic: 4x, 10x, 40xs (spring)
Barlow lens: 2x
Stage: 90 x 90mm
Stage features: with clips
Stage moving range: 0–11mm, vertical
Condenser: N.A. 0.65
Diaphragm: diaphragm disc (6 apertures)
Focus: coarse
Power supply: 220V/50Hz, 2 AA batteries
Illumination: LED
Brightness adjustment: yes
Illumination location: combined
Light source type: 3–3.2V (lower and upper illuminators)
Optics material: optical glass
Head inclination angle: 45 °
Body: metal
Head: monocular
Eyepiece tube diameter: 23.2mm
Revolving nosepiece: for 3 objectives
Research method: bright field
User level: beginners
Assembly and installation difficulty level: easy
Experiment kit included: yes
Carry case included: yes, plastic
Application: school, educational
Package size (LxWxH): 18 x 40.5 x 27cm
Shipping weight: 3.24kg

Note: Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Microscope is compatible with Levenhuk digital cameras (purchased separately). Levenhuk cameras are installed in the eyepiece tube instead of an eyepiece.

Levenhuk product no: 69076

Download brochure and user manual from Attachments

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