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Rycote InVision USM Studio Kit is a complete suspension and pop filter system for side-address microphones weighing up to 750g and 18- 50mm in diameter. The kit combines the USM Studio Shock Mount and the Universal Pop Filter.

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Rycote Studio Shock Mounts deliver added versatility for the studio. InVision Studio is a range of shock mounts and accessories for use in studio recording, with unsurpassed durability for live and broadcast applications.

Rycote's patented Lyre technology is the most advanced shock mount and suspension technology used in field applications today. Rycote has also applied this expertise to develop the InVision Studio product line - bringing a new level of performance, versatility, value and durability to studio, live sound, broadcast and installed applications. This broad range of solutions includes the USM Universal Studio Mounts for side-address studio condenser microphones (like a large-diaphragm recording mics).

The InVision USM Studio Kit is a complete suspension and pop filter system, combining the USM Studio Shock Mount (044901) and the Universal Pop Filter (045001). The Studio Kit is fast and easy to use, and has also proved harder-wearing, more vibration-resistant and better at protecting your mic from vocal pops and thumps without high-frequency loss, than any traditional elasticated microphone suspensions.

InVision USM Studio Shock Mount is a purpose-built shock mount designed to fit a side-address microphone, and ensure peak performance. The unparalleled flexibility of the InVision USM allows for unprecedented fast setup, and the unique, adjustable, universal locking system can be quickly adjusted to securely fit a wide range of microphones. The USM utilises specially designed clips with Lyre technology. Made from robust Hytrel thermoplastic, the USM will never sag or need rethreading. This virtually indestructible, innovative design provides an additional 12 dB of isolation, compared to conventional elastic suspensions.

InVision Universal Pop Filter is a 6” vocal pop shield made from custom foam mesh in an ergonomic frame, with universal suspension clamp. There’s no need to waste time adjusting clamps and goose-necks, as the innovative design of this pop filter reduces studio set-up time by securely locking to the USM’s outer support ring in just seconds. The easily-replaceable, oval-shaped, open-cell material delivers up to 20dB protection against plosives with no high-frequency loss.

* Universal microphone suspension/pop filter system to shield mic from unwanted noise
* For side address studio condenser mics 18-55mm in diameter, up to 750g in weight
* Lyre suspension, fast set-up, quick adjustable locking system, high-grade materials
* USM offers up to 12dB better isolation against unwanted vibrations
* Pop Filter provides up to 20dB pops and thumps attenuation, with no HF loss

Invision USM Studio Shock Mount:
InVision USM fits mics diameter: 18 to 55mm
Maximum weight for vertical use: 750g
Maximum weight for horizontal use: 500g
Microphone length: up to 300mm
Built-in thread, 3/8” female (brass): yes
Thread adaptor, 5/8” female (brass): yes
Microphone profiles (shape): round, square, straight, tapered
Microphone types (polar pattern): omni, cardioid, super cardioid, figure of 8

Dimensions: 70 x 170 x 120mm
Suspension weight: 154g  
Suspension rotation (maximum): 175%

InVision Universal Pop Shield:
Weight (including foam): 45g
Foam dimensions: 155 x 133 x 10mm
Distance from mic: 70mm
Rotation: 360°
Minimum clamp: 3mm
Maximum clamp: 12.5mm

Ideal for mics weighing up to 750g including:
Røde NT1-A and Procaster
Audio-Technica AT 4050
Sennheiser MK4
Neumann U87 A1
Shure KSM32

Includes: InVision USM Studio Shock Mount, InVision Universal Pop Filter

Rycote product number: RYC045002

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