Rycote Micro Windjammer – 30 Uses

Easy-to-fit Rycote Micro Windjammer reduces wind noise on your camera videos. Versatile protection for built-in microphones on DSLR cameras, handheld camcorders, mobile phones and tablets. Includes six fur covers and 30 Stickies, enough for 30 uses.
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Rycote Micro Windjammer provides versatile wind protection for the built-in microphones on your portable video devices.

Even the smallest cameras allow you to shoot great, high quality video. But if you’ve ever tried filming outdoors, you know that wind noise can wreck a perfectly good video in a matter of seconds. That’s why Rycote has developed the Micro Windjammer - to greatly reduce wind noise around the built-in microphone, and help you capture better audio
with your camera outdoors.

The Micro Windjammer is great for DSLR cameras, as well as HD camcorders and compact cameras. The integrated mics on cameras are highly susceptible to the effects of wind noise. The Micro Windjammer provides a simple fix. They are handy, easy to fit and provide excellent all-in-one wind protection. Simply attach the Stickie and fur cover onto your camera's mic hole, and record audio free from wind noise.

The Micro Windjammer is also compatible with Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxies and most other smartphones - significantly improving the outdoor sound quality when shooting vlogs, YouTube or Facebook videos.  And they leave no unpleasant residue on removal from your precious devices.

* Cut unwanted wind noise on built-in microphones on a range of devices
* Compatible with DSLR and compact cameras
* Also work with most mobile phones and tablets
* Handy, easy to fit, easy to remove and leaves no residue
* Pack of six fur covers and 30 Stickies is sufficient for 30 uses

Includes: 30 Stickies and 6 Micro Windjammer reusable synthetic fur discs (Grey) – sufficient for 30 uses

Rycote product number: RYC065546

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