Elinchrom 26775 Rotagrid Strip 35 x 100cm for Rotalux 35 x 100cm (26644 / 26180)

Elinchrom 26775 Rotagrid Strip 35 x 100cm for Rotalux 35 x 100cm (26644 / 26180)
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Rotagrid is an optional accessory for the Rotalux softbox, and now available for every size and shape of Rotalux: Square, Recta, Strip, Octa and Elinchrom’s signature shape, Deep Octa.

Rotagrid gives visual creators the ability to reduce light spread with more control and precision than ever before. With Rotagrid attached to Rotalux, a new style of lighting becomes accessible.

As part of the recent refinements made to Rotalux, external diffusers – now available as a separate item – enable a second external diffuser to be fitted for even softer diffusion or make attaching a Rotagrid even simpler

Rotagrid delivers 30° beam angle, to further control the spread of light or add new style to your images.

Constructed from a durable, lightweight fabric Rotagrids are rigid and tough -  structured to retain shape over time and maintain accuracy. Rotagrids are quick to set up and take down, attaching swiftly via hook and loop fasteners. They fold down flat for storage and transport. And Rotagrids are hard to misplace as they include a storage pouch with clear labelling to help keep things organized and accessible.

26775 Rotagrid Strip 35 x 100cm
* Fits Rotalux Stripbox 35 x 100cm (26644) and Rotalux Strip Softbox 35 x 100cm (26180)
* To hold the Rotagrid in place, the External Diffuser for Rotagrid 35 x 100cm (26723) with Velcro on the outside of the black frame is useful


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Manufacturer Elinchrom
Manufacturer product number (MPN) 26775
GTIN 7630006323389
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