Hoya CRAFT Sq100 Polariser Filter 86mm

Hoya CRAFT Sq100 Polariser Filter 86mm
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Hoya CRAFT Sq100 Polariser Filter is for Hoya's new Sq100 square filter system.

Filter to enhance colour saturation and control glare and reflections
Type: PL
Size: 86mm

Hoya's new CRAFT Sq100 series is a line of filters for the truly creative minds who want to break the limits in order to bring their vision into reality. As photographers want to express themselves in more creative ways, the Hoya CRAFT series aims to provide filters to meet every challenge.

The Sq100 Polariser filter is for use with the Hoya Sq100 holder (and comes included in the Holder Kit).
This circular polarizer can be rotated inside the  frame for perfect reflection and saturation control. With its large diameter of 86mm, the polarizer filter won't cause any vignetting with most lenses. Hoya's special water repellent multi-coating is applied to the polarizer's optical glass, making cleaning easy and stress-free.

The filter adopts a high transparency polarizing film for fast shutter speed. This translates to no less than nearly 1/2 stop more light entering the lens while yielding the same polarization effect. An absolute must for shooting in low light conditions.

How to attach:
For using the polarizer, screw it into the geared adapter and attach the geared adapter to the lens. When attaching the Sq100 holder to a lens with an 86mm filter size, use the 86mm-86mm geared adapter. When using the system with an 82mm filter size lens, use the 86mm-82mm geared adapter. For other lens sizes, use the adapter rings which are available in all common sizes.

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