Hoya Fusion One Next Filter Circular Polariser 58mm


Hoya Fusion One Next Filter Circular Polariser 58mm

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Hoya Fusion One Next is the renewed series of Hoya Fusion One filters based on new Hoya optical technology.

Hoya Fusion One Next joins the Hoya filters line-up with the fusion of all highly valued basic specifications, such as multi-layered coating, ultra-high light transmission, high grade optical glass and low-profile frame, while newly incorporating stain resistant and water repellent Super Multi Coating to match the new standards in photographic optical accessories industry. This coating makes filter maintenance easy and provides reliable protection of the camera lens. Fusion One Next filters are recommended for both amateur and professional photographers.

The structure of the polarizing filter incorporates a polarizing film between the two glasses. The front frame is designed to be rotated to allow positioning of the polarizing film at desired angle.

The Circular Polariser filter enhances colour saturation and controls reflections. Through filtering out vertical light waves in the air, the colours in your picture, such as the blue of the sky and the green of the foliage, will look more defined through deeper and more natural colour tones. Reflections can be controlled and even completely removed on various kinds of non-metallic surfaces such as glass, water or plastic.

* Fusion One Next CIR-PL is your one and only polarizer filter
* 18 coated layers drastically minimize ghosts and flares
* Ultra-smooth frame rotation
* Stain resistant, protects from fingerprints and smudges
* Water repellent, easy to keep filter clean
* Hoya's professional grade optical glass
* Two-piece, low-profile aluminium filter frame with front filter thread

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Manufacturer Hoya
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