Hoya HD Filter Circular Polariser 55mm

Hoya HD Filter Circular Polariser 55mm
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Hoya, the world-renowned optical glass manufacturer, presents the innovative HD - High Definition - line of filters offering premium performance in image enhancement.

Key features of HD CIR-PL filters:
* HD Polarising Film. The filter's high transparency UV absorbing film offers 25% better light transmission than standard polarising film. This is the same film that is used in the latest high definition LCD TV screens.
* HD Glass. The filter is manufactured from hardened optical glass has been chemically enhanced to be 4x stronger.
* HD Coating. The filter has an 8-layer multi-coating which is water- and oil-repellent, and scratch- and stain-resistant. The coating has been applied at high heat in a furnace so it is bonded to surface of the glass, which makes it extremely durable.
* HD Frame. The ultra-thin frame is wide-angle lens compatible, and the glass is mounted with high pressure press technology.

This 55mm HD Circular Polarising filter offers colour and contrast enhancement. It allows you to select which light rays enter your camera lens and removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass etc. It also enables colours to become more saturated and appear clearer with better contrast - without affecting the overall colour balance of a shot.

HD CIR-PL is Hoya's best performing Circular Polarising filter!

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