Manfrotto MVA521L Sympla Light Counterweight

Manfrotto MVA21L Sympla Light Counterweight
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Sympla is a professional modular video rig system. Components can be combined to make a limitless range of custom kits and supports to answer all manner of specific needs.

When using Sympla as a shoulder-mounted rig, using counterweights at the back of the rig, securely attached to the shoulder support pad, can aid balance and stability by putting the centre of the overall rig and equipment weight in line with your body's centre of gravity. The counterweight screws securely on to the Sympla Shoulder Pad via a 3/8” thread. Counterweights can also be stacked to offset very unbalanced loads.

This modular light counterweight is suitable for every equipment configuration. Rubber protection included. Can aid balance and stability at the back of the rig attached to the Sympla shoulder support pad.

MVA521L Counterweight:
Weight: 0.8kg

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Manufacturer Manfrotto
Manufacturer product number (MPN) MVA521L
GTIN 8024221620399
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