Zhiyun FiveRay V60 Portable Light Wand Combo Kit Black

Zhiyun FiveRay V60 Portable Light Wand Combo Kit Black
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* 60w portable light wand
For the all-new FiveRay V60, Zhiyun are paving the way for a new vision in lighting and delivering exceptional performance in a compact and convenient package. Ensure that every detail of your creation is illuminated perfectly. 

* Brilliant illumination, wherever you roam
Quality and portability strike at the same time. Thanks to its exceptional mobility, you can take FiveRay V60 with you wherever you go. Perfect for on-the-go professionals, bloggers, or anyone who needs an extra boost of light while on the move.

* Ideal ambiance created instantly
With its versatile and convenient light control, you can effortlessly adjust brightness and colour temperature to create stunning visuals in any environment. Whether you're looking for a bright, energizing glow or a warm, cozy ambiance, the intuitive knobs of the light can be easily turned to set the perfect levels. 

* Stay cool while shining
Based on cutting-edge fluid dynamics and dynamic algorithms, the DynaVort Cooling System in the light includes gyroscope-modeled heat sinks and six FOC fans, expertly designed to prevent overheating while substantially enhancing airflow emissions. Thanks to intelligent control, the cooling system ensures that efficiency remains consistently high with an outstanding cooling performance.

* All glow up for your shots
Illuminate every shot with ease, even in low-light environments. Whether you're shooting in a dimly lit space or outdoors at dusk, the high-illuminance lighting in V60 ensures that your shots are always crisp and vibrant. Peak illuminance is 22500 lux.

* V60 delivers colours that pop
True-to-life colours are a must for any photographer or videographer, and the V60 delivers just that. The light is designed to accurately reproduce the colours of any object with its exceptional colour rendering capabilities, giving your shots depth and detail that will make them stand out from the crowd. Colour temperature range: 2700K to 6500K, TLCI ≥98 and CRI ≥96.

* One-press MAX mode
Experience the maximum brightness with just one press. Switch effortlessly to MAX mode and unleash a stunningly radiant glow for your shots. Get a power surge of up to 100W intense lighting. Note: to activate MAX mode, connect a DC power adapter (output voltage/current of 24V/5A) to the light wand's DC charging port and an AC power outlet. MAX mode cannot be enabled when the light wand is powered by the built-in battery.

* Artistry elevated
Explore your creative side using the V60's built-in multiple light effects and music modes. Let your imagination run wild, transform your shoots with unique and fun lighting and create an entirely new atmosphere for your audience. Light effect types include SOS, TV, broken light bulb, candle, lightning and fire. To activate music mode press and hold the colour temperature adjustment knob.

* No complications, just perfect visuals
Witness smooth and effortless parameter adjustment in the palm of your hand with the compact display screen for V60.  No need to fumble around with complicated controls or menus - simply use the intuitive settings to achieve the perfect lighting.

* Your lighting wizardry
Perfect your lighting with the V60's array of modifiers With barndoors, diffuser and grid, the rich selection offers you even more versatility and creativity to shape your light for outstanding shots.

* Always energized, never stop glowing
Stay powered up with different power supply methods provided. From DC power to USB charging, the power supply has you covered to operate while it is still charging, so the light keeps shining without worrying about running out of battery. The V60 works for 2h at 12W, 55min at 30W, and 24min at 60W (all in the colour temperature of 4200K). The V60 supports PF Fast Charging, but USB chargers and USB cables that support PD fast charging are not included in the package. The light comes supplied with a DC power adapter.

Combo includes: FiveRay V60 Light wand (Black), USB Type-C Charging Cable, Power Adapter, Adapter Pouch, Barndoors, Diffuser, Grid, Storage Bag

Battery capacity: built-in Lithium-ion battery 4x 2600mAh
Maximum power: 60W
MAX Mode power: 100W (PD), 120W (DC)
Colour temperature range: 2700K to 6200K
Illuminance (max power): 22500 lux
Max power mode 4200K/100% illuminance: 2470 lux @ 1m
CCT Mode 5500K/100% illuminance: 1730 lux @ 1m
CRI index: ≥ 96
TLCI index: ≥ 98
Dimming range: 0 to 100%
LEDs: 120 
Light effects: TV, SOS, Faulty Bulb, Candle, Flash and Fire
Charging method: PD/DC/QC
PD Fast Charging time: 1h 21min (20V/1.2A 25W )
DC charging time: 1h 27min (24V 25W )
QC charging time: 2h 30min (12V/1.5A 9V/2A)
Continuous runtime (4200K/100% brightness): 24min
Power adapter rated output voltage/current: 24V/5A
Size: 44.8 x 5.05 x 5.3cm
Weight 891g
Extension: 1/4” threaded hole

Download flyer, brochure and user manual from Attachments

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