Zhiyun Molus G200 COB Light

Zhiyun Molus G200 COB Light
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* Power amplified 
Zhiyun Molus G200 COB Light is another lightweight yet film-grade lighting solution from Zhiyun. This high-power COB light is perfect for studios, live streaming rooms and movie sets. With unparalleled professional lighting and effortless control, Zhiyun bring a new level of efficiency to your creative process.

* Round and bright like the sun
With professional-grade lighting capabilities and unmatched comfort and portability, G200 is the perfect solution that meets all your lighting requirements. The sleek and organized design houses a COB light source with meticulous cooling system, all in the palm of your hand. Molus G200 is only 6.75cm deep.

* Light your way differently
The innovative design separates the light body and the controller, allowing for seamless integration with any lighting rig. The controller comes equipped with a convenient rope and only features two interactive buttons and a display screen, making it simple and quick to achieve a wide range of functions - including pro-level lighting.

* Cooling redefined
The new cooling system for the COB light and controller features heat sink, FOC fan and the DynaVort Cooling System by Zhiyun. Delivering remarkable high-power output while still maintaining a lightweight and bright solution.

* Seamless dimming
G200 supports seamless CCT and DMI adjustment, with five built-in presets for easy one-press colour temperature and brightness adjustments. Achieving the perfect lighting has never been this effortless and accessible. CCT from 2700 to 6500K, CRI ≧95 and TLCI ≧97. Peak brightness is 61500 lux at 1m, with Zhiyun standard reflector and colour temperature 6500K.

* One press for the extreme
Molus G200 boasts a peak output of up to 200W under normal usage, with a one-press MAX Extreme mode that delivers a staggering peak output of up to 300W. The unrivalled power and performance back you up to have the perfect amount of light to make your creative vision come true. Peak brightness in MAX Extreme mode is 85800 lux at 1m with standard reflector and colour temperature 4300K. Note: the duration of continuous use in MAX Extreme mode may vary slightly depending on the ambient temperature. Operating under long-term high-temperature conditions may trigger frequency reduction protection or the high-temperature protection mechanism.

* 180° flexibility
Molus G200 comes with integrated mount with 180° adjustable tilt and full-range rotation capabilities, making it easy to adapt to any setting. The universal umbrella slot also makes the professional lighting effortless and convenient. 

* Fits various settings
The professional lighting effects and easy-to-use light control system create a brand new visual experience for your film production that fits every setting from portrait photography to live streaming, from commercial ads to interviews.

* Expand your lighting creativity
Molus G200 is compatible with various Bowens-mount accessories tailor-made by Zhiyun, as well as other Bowens accessories.

* Your personal lighting assistant
The ZY Vega App supports Bluetooth Mesh networking, allowing for remote dimming and quick switching of presets. Achieving professional lighting on any film set or studio is effortless and convenient.

* One light, three moods
Normal mode: Simply turn on the light using the conventional switch and adjust the brightness to your desired level. Live mode: Automatically turns on as soon as it's powered on. You can sync multiple lights with a single power source, creating a synchronized and professional lighting setup with ease. Music mode: Sync your lighting with the music beats. The built-in microphone in the light allows you to create a dynamic and immersive experience for your audience.

Includes: Molus G200 COB Light, Standard Reflector, Protective Cover, Power Cable, Power Adapter, Storage Bag

Output power: 320W
Cooling method: Active Cooling
Colour temperature range: 2700K to 6500K
Illuminance 6500K/100% brightness (with no reflector): 9460 lux @ 1m
TLCI index: ≥97
CRI index: ≥95
Dimming range: 0 to 100%
Control method: via device / via Bluetooth app
Power adapter operating voltage: 100~240VAC 50~60Hz 5~2A
G200 size: 12.7 x 6.75 x 22.5cm 
Power adapter size 16.45 x 5.89 x 12.5cm 
Weight (without reflector): 2.209Kg
Extension: Bowens mount

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