Zhiyun Molus G300 COB Light

Zhiyun Molus G300 COB Light
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The Zhiyun Molus G300 COB Light is the latest light in the Molus G series. Elevated by a sleek, sturdy build and tactile refinement, this compact powerhouse redefines elegance in lighting. Discover the sublime fusion of form and function.

* Lighter but brighter
Just 8.4cm thin and weighing just 1.56kg, this powerhouse offers adjustable colour temperatures, 300W high brightness and exceptional colour accuracy. Experience peak brightness of 15500 lux and bring every detail to life with cinematic quality.

* Reach 500W with MAX Extreme mode
Just press both colour temp and brightness dials to activate MAX Extreme mode. At a mere 84mm, it blasts through limits, surging 60% to a staggering 500W (20300Lux) brilliance.

* Creative Live Mode
Introducing Live Mode, which allows you to turn on the light instantly upon connecting to a power source. With the built-in 14 lighting effects, your creativity is boundless in any scene. Big ideas deserve a grand stage. Effects include SOS, Paparazzi, TV, Welding, CCT Pulse, CCT Flash, CCT Loop, Bad Bulb, Lightning, Fireworks, Explosion, Music, Flame and Flashlight.

* Separate control with 7.5m cable
The light control separation design is further optimized, the upgraded controller boasts cushions, extended 7.5m cables, USB firmware upgrade, and advanced parameter display and adjustment, making professional lighting setup effortless and boundless.

* More user-friendly experience
Supports 180° directional adjustment on a light stand and omnidirectional conversion. Comes with a built-in umbrella hole and combined with the newly upgraded power interface and light grip, allowing your scene transition to be more convenient and more comfortable.

* Upgraded control
Equipped with a newly upgraded aviation interface, light stand handle, lamp head handle, side port switch, and controller cushioning pad, making the transition more convenient and the operation more convenient.

* Customized Bowens mounts
Experience versatility with Zhiyun Molus G300's industry-standard Bowens mount design. Users can choose a variety of customized Bowens mounts from Zhiyun for different shooting scenes, or use other general Bowens mounts accessories.

* Safer ceiling lighting setup
The lightweight design ensures safe and easy top-lighting arrangements, giving you the freedom to create stunning lighting setups with ease.

* ZY Vega App for wireless control
The app for the light offers smartphone control over colour temp, brightness to match any environment. Just your phone is needed to set up and adjust an entire space.

* DynaVort Cooling System
Zhiyun pushes the boundaries of cooling with the advanced DynaVort Cooling System MK II. Even in 500W power, this precision-engineered system delivers exceptional heat dissipation in a compact form, ensuring a perfect lighting experience.

Includes: Molus G300 COB Light, Standard Reflector, Protective Cover, Power Cable, Power Adapter, Storage Bag

Output power (max): 450W
Input power (max): 500W
Cooling method: Active Cooling
Colour temperature range: 2700K to 6500K
Illuminance 6500K/100% brightness (with no reflector): 15400 lux @ 1m
TLCI index: ≥97
CRI index: ≥95
CQS index: ≥94
TM-30 Rf: 94 (on average)
TM-30 Rg: 101 (on average)
Dimming range: 0 to 100%
Control method: via device / via Bluetooth app
Power adapter operating voltage: 100~240VAC 50~60Hz 6.5-4A
G300 size: 14.8 x 25.9 x 8.4cm
Power adapter size 16.4 x 7.3 x 12.8cm
Weight (without reflector): 2.775kg
Extension: Bowens mount

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