Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB Cinematic COB Light Combo Kit

Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB Cinematic COB Light Combo Kit
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Introducing the Zhiyun Molus X60 series: a revolutionary 60W colour COB light that shatters conventions. With its groundbreaking compact design and cutting-edge technology, this light empowers you to effortlessly sculpt captivating visuals. Embrace the elegance of professional lighting and elevate your creative journey like never before.

* Stunning design, size of a credit card
Palm-sized Molus X60 series is small but stylish, harmonizing industrial chic with cutting-edge cooling tech, all in a design that's crafted to dazzle from every angle. Weighing a mere 319g yet delivering a robust 60W of professional-grade power, the benchmark quality of X60 series leaves you awestruck at every turn.

* Small, lightweight but outshine
With its multi-colour mixing technology, X60 RGB features full colour RGB for endless creative lighting possibilities, enhancing visuals with diverse light, transforming any space into your canvas. Different from other lights on the market with 10W RGB output that can only illuminate the background, the colour brightness of the Molus X60 RGB is similar to professional main lights, making it easy to create a colourful atmosphere outdoors. When handheld with one hand, the lighting can precisely separate the background and subject at close range, producing high-quality images and creating a cinematic RGB effect with high power, high saturation and high brightness.

* Never fades in performance
The Molus X60 provides strong and stable 60W lighting performance, to accurately restore the true colour of objects and calmly cope with diverse shooting needs in complex scenes. CRI/TLCI scores are 95 and 98. Peak illuminance in CCT mode a 1m without reflector at 6500K colour temperature is 2010 lux. Peak illuminance in RGB mode at 1m without reflector is R: 634 lux, G: 688 lux and B: 194 lux. 

* Simple and powerful fill lighting
Zhiyun's classic dual-dial control, with one for colour temperature/mode and one for brightness adjustment, delivers easy operation for quick and effortless fill lighting. Colour temperature is adjustable from 2700K to 6500K while dimming is from 0 to 100%. 

* Wonderful creative light effect
The Molus X60 provides you with creative lighting effects to help you easily set the mood when inspiration strikes. The extra 6 RGB moods unique of the Molus X60 RGB version make your photography even more unique. Standard modes include SOS, paparazzi, TV, bad bulb, lightning, candle, CCT loop, CCT flash and CCT pulse, while the RGB moods include firework, disco, police car, HUE loop, HUE flash and HUE pulse. 

* More lighting inspirations
Get creative with music mode, where lighting dances in harmony with sound. With a range of scene effects at your fingertips, crafting visual masterpieces becomes effortless. Live mode, turned on directly when connected to power, supports joint control of multiple lights. 

*  Convenient grip battery for power
The grip battery runs for up to 50 minutes on a full charge at 100% brightness. It can be plugged and played, further enhancing the convenience of shooting. Grip battery is included in the Combo pack. 

* Multiple power supply solutions 
In addition to its own detachable handle battery, the Molus X60 also supports PD protocol fast charging and DC adapter power supply, supporting full power output while charging.

* Masterful versatile accessories
Zhiyun’s ZY Mount is crafted for ultimate lightweight performance and versatility in compact spaces. The ZY Mount Mini Reflector with small Diffusion Dome is included in the Combo pack. 

* Compatible with Bowens mount modifiers
With the optional Bowens Mount Adapter, the Molus X60 series is compatible with Zhiyun's range of power and light accessories. These accessories are not only compact and lightweight but also easy to disassemble, making them ideal for outdoor shoots. 

* App-enabled control for creative lighting
Zhiyun's intuitive ZY Vega App allows for quick and wireless adjustment of colour temperature and brightness. It also includes professional features like colour recognition and intelligent colour matching for lighting setups, making it easy to achieve the perfect ambiance.

* Specialized cooling design
Adopted with DynaVort Cooling System MK II, the Molus X60 series ensures your creativity never overheats. The advanced cooling system, inspired by fluid dynamics and augmented with smart algorithms, breaks new ground in efficiency. Creative freedom has never felt cooler.

* Portable for on-the-go use
The Molus X60 series is the smallest 60W full colour COB cinematography light on the market, it can easily fit into a backpack or shoulder bag. Despite its toy-like size, the light boasts professional quality and texture.

Combo kit includes: X60 RGB Light, Mini Reflector & Diffusion Dome, Power Adapter, Adapter Organizer Bag, Grip Battery, 60W PD Charging Cable, Storage Bag

Output power: 60W
PD input power: ≥18W
Colour temperature range: 2700K-6500K
CRI (RA): ≥95
TLCI: ≈98
Dimming range: 0~100%
CCT illuminance (6500K/100%): 2010 lux @ 1m
R illuminance: 634 lux @ 1m
G illuminance: 688 lux @ 1m
B illuminance: 194 @ 1m
App control method: Bluetooth
Power supply method: PD adapter, power adapter, grip battery
Grip battery rated capacity: 2550mAh 21.6V
Grip battery rated energy: 55.08Wh
Grip battery PD charging time: 2H 30min (19.78V 1.45A 28W)
Grip battery QC charging time: 4H (12V/1.48A 18W)
Grip battery Type-C supply power: 30W (max)
Grip battery charging power: 30W (max)
Grip battery runtime (100% power): 50min
Expansion: 1/4” general screw hole
Size (without grip battery): 10 x 7.1 x 5.6cm
Net weight: 319g

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